11 July 2010

Babaji Zeiger on taxing medical marijuana in Long Beach

Babaji Zeiger testifies at a Long Beach City Council Meeting (July 6, 2010) on a proposed marijuana tax for the city.

Agenda Item #32 Recommendation to receive information and consider a proposal for a business license tax on medical marijuana collectives and other marijuana businesses; and set a date for a public hearing for Tuesday, August 3, 2010 at 5:00 p.m., to approve the placement of a ballot measure on the November 2010 General Election. (Citywide)

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  1. The stigma attached to marijuana scares many people who use medical marijuana. The main problem inhibiting legalization is that people who smoke a glass pipe are discriminated against and are not considered serious or mature. The public needs to make its choices known and make sure our voices are heard. With the economy in shambles trouble and democrats in office it is the best chance to change the laws. Send a letter, send an email make a phone call, one hand written Letter is considered to be the voice of thousands of people who did not take the time.

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