16 April 2011

FMG Great Native Title Swindle Part 1

Caught in the act - this is a record of a supposed 'native title' meeting staged by the iron ore miner, Fortescue Metals Group (FMG). It shows how FMG, its agents, a lawyer and an opportunist splinter faction tried to destroy the unity of the Yindjibarndi people and give open slather to FMG for its Solomon Hub project. The video demonstrates the unscrupulous actions of a miner trying to bully traditional owners into a land use 'Agreement' that will see massive disturbance of country and will swindle several generations of Yindjibarndi people. This is an issue of great importance to help Indigenous people, the Yindjibarndi of Roebourne protect their sacred sites from destruction by a multimillion dollar Iron Ore Mining company. After watching the video and visiting the sites above, if you feel strongly about this issue, then I suggest you go to the following link on the GetUp! website and vote for GetUp to add this matter as one of their Campaigns. Go now and vote, http://suggest.getup.org.au/forums/60819-campaign-ideas/suggestions/1617547-stop-mining-company-rorts-of-native-title-save-u?ref=title

Yindjibarndi website athttp://yindjibarndi.org.au/yindjibarndi/

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