24 January 2012

Rap News 11: Australia Day

http://thejuicemedia.com Rap News Episode 11: Australia Day. It's a day of high jinx, high revelry and high people in Australia; a day when a large and vocal majority come together to "celebrate what's great" about this country. But what is the meaning of all this fanfare? What is the true origin of this passionately marked day of facepaint and binge drinking? Is everyone in Australia so keen on this particular anniversary? To get to bottom of these questions, and more, join your amiable host Robert Foster as he conducts a high-octane, high-frequency satellite link-up with a representative of the Mainstream Australian media: multi-Logie award-winning broadcaster, entertainer, emu-wrangler and true blue Aussie, Kenneth Oathcarn. WARNING: contains adult Australian vernacular - viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Written and performed by Hugo Farrant (Robert Foster) & Giordano Nanni (Ken Oathcarn).

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We've been meaning to make this episode for a long time.... here we go. Thanks go out to Zoe Tame (http://visualtonic.com.au) for all the artwork; Mantra for giving permission to use his awesome Vegas produced beat, 'Self Destruct'; Jonathan Dreyfus for recreating the "Straya Day" anthem in all its glory. Gavin, David, Lauren, Zoe, Simon and Jodie for being true blue whitefella barbie revellers; Lucy and Martin for awesome shoot assistance; Robbie, Jadene, Snake and Jason @ MAYSAR for blackfella participation; and to Australians for being good sports. We pay our respects to the original people of this land, Australia, home of ~TheJuiceMedia: Rap News.

** BEAT: "Self-Destruct" from Mantra's album "Speaking Volumes", produced by Vegas. Available on iTunes - http://itunes.apple.com/au/album/speaking-volumes/id459015864 - Uploaded with permission.
** "Straya Day - yeah cunt" by Jonathan Dreyfus.

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